In vitro 3D cell models of healthy and OSTEOpathological ageing bone tissue for implantation and drug testing in a multidisciplinary NETwork.



Cryopreserve the 3D constructs

Development of cryopreserved 3D constructs mimicking properties of healthy and aged bone


Develop scaffolds

Development of biomimetic and biocompatible 3D annular scaffolds


Develop bioreactor

Development of controlled dynamic bioreactor prototypes



Training of dedicated technical and biological/medical personnel in dynamic cell cultures


Project management

Ensure efficient Project management as a guarantee for effective progress towards set objectives. Ensure that objectives are clearly defined and visible throughout the Project. Monitor Project progress & consistence between planned & actual activities. Ensure that the ToK plan is followed. Ensure that EC Project reports, deliverables & milestones are fulfilled

Lead beneficiary

Design, manufacturing and characterization of biomimetic scaffolds and constructs

Characterization of healthy and ageing bone ECM structure by μCT and image analysis. Design and manufacturing of 3D printed porous scaffolds mimicking healthy and ageing bone ECM structure. Functionalization of scaffold pore surface with osteogenic biochemical cues. Characterization of scaffolds biocompatibility

Lead beneficiary

Preparation and cryopreservation of cellular 3D constructs

Development of optimal cell seeding in the annular 3D porous constructs prepared in WP2. Definition of preconditioning protocols to guide cells to organize and differentiate in the produced scaffolds similar to healthy and ageing bone. Development of techniques to cryopreserve the produced annular 3D cellular scaffolds with minimal damages

Lead beneficiary

Design and production of dynamic bioreactors as in vitro models

Development of in silico transport models of momentum and relevant solutes in bioreactors for culture of 3D bone constructs. Design of dynamic bioreactors for culturing 3D bone constructs in controlled biochemical and fluid-mechanical microenvironment. Optimization of bioreactors design to guide 3D bone construct structure to mimic healthy and ageing bone

Lead beneficiary

IPR and exploitation

Definition of the exploitable results. IP Development and management. Finalization of the IPR agreements. Business modelling and development of new spin-offs, start-ups

Lead beneficiary

Dissemination and Communication

Communicate and disseminate the OSTEONET objectives, methods & results to stakeholders. Integrate dissemination and communication, developing an adequate strategy and defining the tools to be used, to achieve the highest level of interest throughout the project duration. Maximize the impact of research, development and demonstration, and to ensure that the results are effectively communicated.

Lead beneficiary

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